Jay Levell - "Right off the back I have to scream What Insane Service These Folks Have. I ordered the suit 2-3 days ago and lo and behold the suit was in my mail box today,,,,,,,AND i am in Alaska. Looking at the Suit the quality is fantastic! The zipper is YKK which means it is top quality, I am a shoe/boot repairman in Alaska since 1981 and all that time when I do zipper work I use YKK zippers. The stitching is great too! As good as the stitching I do on boots.shoes, I have the mold and aqua plugs and accessory coming. There can be no better bong than Eyce, Thanks for great service so far Eyce folks. Later Jay"

@cannabliss_cooperative - "we are all loving the #Eyce b**g on this blazing hot 4th of July"

@jenn_ayy_ - "Literally a b**g that never breaks just melts. That's the best part!!"
@iitsmejenny - "Best thing invented, thanks @eycemolds :) xoxox"
@dna_04 - "Easily the best 'social piece' I have ever had. It's a great way to meet people and breaks the ice quickly.... no pun intended (smiley face). I would 100% recommend this product for anyone."
@jordanirv_ - "b**g is amazing, definatly the future of smoking accessories"
@waxheadd - "you'll get as much smoke as your lungs can handle it's legit and you wont be disappointed when you get yours (thumbs up) smooth"
@rc_co - "Loving mine! Hits so smooth"
@laurenewylie817 - "So in love with this thing"
@mikechill - "you won't be disappointed"
@indianas_best - "Love mine. Wanting to freeze some lemons in it and smoke some Cali cherry kush."
@coulterr - "I love mine - soooo dope"
@hllywdd87 - "I got one a couple weeks ago... I'll post some pics soon... it's defiantly worth it & I've turned several on to it!! Try it you'll LOVE it... Nothing like a smooth refreshing rip on a hot day!!
@socleanvisuals - "Great product #EyceLifeStyle"
@weedstagram420 - "Awesome product"
@dope_as_yola - "Love it. A kit that makes a b**g out of ice 100% functional and awesome. In a pinch? Throw that shit against the wall!"
@sacpsycho916 - "I love my eyce mold, best thing I ever bought"
@thecigarpipe - "i love my eyce mold"